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 Date:        August 20-22, 2014

Venue:       Shanghai New International Expo Center

Dimension:    80,000

Organizers:   Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association

Official web:   Http//


Simple, safe, innovative, leading the new trend of green building

China is in the industrialization, urbanization and the rapid development of new rural construction period of history. To further promote building energy efficiency, accelerate the development of green building ushered in a rare historical opportunity, simple, safe and green building market has gradually become the main theme. To promote building energy, land, water, materials, environment-friendly building materials enterprises in the market for the purpose of use in order to build sales, display, brand and technology promotion as a means for companies to create huge opportunities in the China (Shanghai) Building Energy and new building materials exhibition, has been to create a "green building materials first exhibition in Asia." Exhibition development for nearly ten years, well versed in green building is not energy efficient building technologies superposition should be systematic application of innovative energy-saving building materials. Green Construction Fair advocate green culture, primitive low-carbon, in pursuit of a simple, harmonious architecture and living concept.

2014 exhibition to further enhance internal and external wall insulation system design, exterior insulation system since, insulation decorative integration system, new fire retardant materials, interior heating system and new energy equipment, wooden green house, integrated housing and light steel structure , energy-saving windows and doors and architectural shading, structural building materials and construction parts pieces, and three-dimensional green roofs, building materials production and processing machinery and equipment area, will reach seven museum, 80,000 square meters, 80,000 professional visitors, dozens of forums and thematic topics seminars, in close connection with the development of green energy-saving buildings, occupying leading positions frontier, building a batch of excellent business and technology to the market, to overseas, together to create safe, energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, green building comfortable.



The last expo attracted companies of ten countries and areas. Such as China,USA,French,German,England,Sweden,Finland,Spain,Italy,Austria,Belgium,Canada,Japan,Korea,Hongkong,Taiwan and so on. According to statistics there were 827 companies joining this show. Among them, there are 710 domestic exhibitors and 117 foreign exhibitors.More than 63223 professional visitors come to our exhibition, 8% of them are from foreign countries.


Concurrent Show

"Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo" is the largest and most professional green building exhibition, the exhibition covers the building energy efficiency, HVAC and new energy, wood green building, integrated construction and light steel housing, water supply and drainage, windows and doors curtain wall and building shade, outdoor furniture and garden landscape, building equipment, green lighting, electrical construction, villas supporting other content, a total of seven exhibition halls, eighty thousand square meters of exhibition area, exhibitors will reach 1000, the audience 80,000 people. Gathered the most representative of today's world green building materials brands, such as Knauf, BASF, Mapei, Huntsman, Owens Corning, Bayer, STO, SKK, BNBM, Wanhua, Canada Wood, Japanese wood center, rain, royal, century house, peak, Galaxy, elephants, Vaillant, REHAU, the new Ang Industry, Man Ruide, Georg Fischer, circle and other high-end brands, demonstrating the latest green building materials technology, the benchmark for the industry gathering.



1.    Fireproof performance significantly improved, flame flammable many products, to meet the demand for energy-saving insulation optional;

2.    Technical performance upgrades, building energy-saving insulation to provide total solutions;

3.    Insulation systematic: Comprehensive covering external wall insulation, roof insulation, self-insulation, wall insulation system;

4.    Greatly enhanced the quality and safety, A grade polystyrene board, binder, mesh fabric, flame retardants, such as enhanced building insulation safety performance;

5.    Decorative materials to strengthen innovation, architectural appearance of more and varied;

6.    Move the green building green roofs, walls, interior, make life more green space;

7.    Innovative integration of industry resources, the formation of decoration and insulation pattern of integration;

8.    "New Green Award" creative product display area, filling the building materials industry, creative style.



1.    Outer heat preservation in wall

2.    Inter heat preservation in wall

3.    Integration wall of decoration and preservation

4.    New construction fireproof materials

5.    Construction extensions

6.    Roof greening

7.    The related materials: structure materials, integrated structure, energy-saving windows & doors, sun-proof system, roofing system, solar energy, electricity-saving equipment, water-saving technology & equipment

8.    Energy-saving materials mechinery



1.    Through television, radio, newspapers, Internet, mobile media, subway, building materials stores advertising in the national and international levels to promote the show. (Such as CCTV Economic Channel, Shanghai TV, Oriental TV, Shanghai Radio, Alibaba, Sina, SouFun, Xinmin Evening News, Morning News, China Building Materials News, Construction Times and other mainstream media have with the show signed a strategic cooperation agreement) ;

2.    More than 300 construction, real estate and other professional journals, newspapers and websites for publicity and visitors industry marketing;

3.    With microblogging, forums, and other network media professional QQ group to expand industry influence, for the enterprise market promotion;

4.    Through the relevant industry associations and organizations to invite business leaders and its timber business to visit the exhibition;

5.    Organized by the relevant government departments, national consulates and trade promotion agencies, business organizations and foreign industry associations, consulting services, to invite buyers and distributors;

6.    Through the call center, fax, Internet e-mail, SMS and other new media tools for industry insiders of point to point invitation, from the cumulative database more than five hundred thousand.


Cost of Participation



Option 1 -- Shell Scheme Package (3M x 3M=9 sqm.)

Booth price: E1: US$ 3000 per booth E2: US$ 2800 per booth E3: US$ 2600 per booth

Price includes exhibition space, fascia board with company name both in English and Chinese, side & back walls, carpeted floor, one information desk, two folding chairs, two spotlights, one 220V/500W power outlet, daily stand cleaning and basic security.

Option 2 -- Raw Space Only (min 36 sqm.)

Booth price: E1: US$ 300 per sqm. E2: US$ 280 per sqm. E3: US$ 260 per sqm.

Price includes exhibition space, free invitation cards for exhibitors to invite key customers and free listing in the official show updates and show directory.

Please contact with the organizers if you want more advertisements.


Contact us

Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Exhibition Center Exhibition Department


Miss.Meng 13817053192  qq:2920338920



Add: Rm. 1701-02, Huaihai Mansion, East tower, No.128 Puan Rd., Luwan Dist., Shanghai, China  200021


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